Minimising limiting beliefs

by Karla Sifontes on Jan 07, 2021

Minimising limiting beliefs

In a world full of noise, we forget to hear ourselves: our ideas, our passions, even our hearts. Yes, because the heart speaks to us and communicate through our actions, skin, hair and even nails. We know that it’s sad when we forget to look after ourselves.


Why is this? I believe this’s because the fear for recognising our real selves. I was scared for a long time, I am constantly reminding myself of who I am. It sounds so basic but it’s true. We’re too busy checking on others and criticising, maybe gossiping that we forget to chat and check with our minds and hearts.


I’ve been working on minimising this limiting beliefs. I use reminders all the time, it’s like a GPS trying to find the Karla that I want to go to.


I have notes next to my laptop, I have a picture on my phone screen, meditation, visualisation and my daily jewellery. The lovely butterfly: A symbol of change and transformation. It’s extremely powerful. I love to get lost to find myself again and again but renewed and refreshed.


I hope this year we all get lost and find ourselves like the butterflies coming on and off a cocoon. Good luck on finding the best version of yourselves.

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