Stepping into the unknown: your dreams!

by Karla Sifontes on Jan 14, 2021

Stepping into the unknown: your dreams!

When we are little, we believe in so many stories that grown-ups tell us and it becomes reality thanks to our parents, grandparents… We wake up in the morning and see what we wished under a Christmas tree or money under our pillows thanks to a tooth fairy. But when we grow-up who is making these wishes come true?

I guess the common answer would be ‘ourselves’ but how we make it possible if we weren’t taught the magic formula for that. Until we grow-up a bit more and realise that it is hard work that get us there. But what happen when we work so hard, but it still does not happen!

I have been using the power of visualisation for a long long time... and this year I am wearing my lovely butterfly as a reminder of change and transformation. With this unique meaning I wake up every day thinking about my purpose. It's like a tattoo that can be modified when I jump to the next big dream. I love it! 

Jewellery is for me like personalised lasting memories with loved ones and personal reminders.

I believe there are some simple steps for the dreams to happen in real life.

  1. Visualise it. Believe me, it works and it’s not just for the magic to do the trick for us and make it happen, it’s simply the power of putting the ideas into your brain and unconsciously your body starts the search for the unknown.
  2. After the research gathers enough information, we start taking actions. Ones the dream (goal) and the information of how to make it happen (research) aligns. The third step starts to show-up: Actions!
  3. The actions towards the unknown. This step comes with our allies: failure and success. Yes, these two, because failure supports our research, and this critical analysis helps us to understand what it’s needed to be fixed and success marks the path towards moving forward. However, the next step is the most important from my point of view: I call it ‘Showing-up.’
  4. Perseverance or showing-up: Taking actions every day, even when the progress is tiny, and when I mention tiny it can be from tidying up the desk or writing down a line from your first novel or cooking book. Show-up every day and be happy with the progress that you achieve. Be proud and celebrate it with a happy dance!




Visualise it + Research it + Take Actions + Find a Reminder + Show up = SPREAD LOVE


Keep Dreaming... 

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