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The Storage of Memories

The Storage of Memories

The ability to learn and remember is essential for our survival. Remembering what has happened allows us to predict what is likely to happen and al...
Who are you?

Who are you?

I have been preparing for years for the elevator speech (Introducing Your Company Quickly and Compellingly). This is when you have like 1 minute to...
Stepping into the unknown: your dreams!

Stepping into the unknown: your dreams!

When we are little, we believe in so many stories that grown-ups tell us and it becomes reality thanks to our parents, grandparents… We wake up in ...

Our Story

Icon designs inspired from around the world

Naked Nation is an on-trend jewellery label that brings together timeless handcrafted pieces from around the world under one roof. Here, you will find beautiful and unique jewellery styles, such as colourful Latin-American bracelets, Turkish traditional pendants and classic European earrings.

"Naked Nation is about making people happy. We want our customers to look good and feel good by wearing signature pieces that are extremely beautiful and with a meaning." –

Karla, Founder of Naked Nation

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