Icon designs inspired from around the world

Naked Nation is an on-trend jewellery label that brings together timeless handcrafted pieces from around the world under one roof. Here, you will find beautiful and unique jewellery styles, such as colourful Latin-American bracelets, Turkish traditional pendants and classic European earrings. 


Naked Nation combines passionate craftsmanship with a special tale, whereby each creation tells a story from its country of origin. We put a lot of effort into producing our collections, with selected designs and influences. Every detail is carefully considered when creating an exclusive piece.


Our bold and elegant line of jewellery designs showcase style and confidence, allowing the wearer to feel stylish and connect with their fearless, adventurous, and rebellious self.


Combining innovation, technical precision and original creations, Naked Nation aims to provide beautiful jewellery that you will always love and that will last forever, just the way it should.


"Naked Nation is about you. To remind you to be happier, more in control, and able to cope better with life's ups and downs. I want women to look good and feel good by wearing jewellery that is extremely beautiful and with a meaning." –

Karla, Founder of Naked Nation


All our pieces come beautifully wrapped in Naked Nation’s signature jewels gift packaging.


Whether you’re after a timeless pair of earrings, a statement bracelet or necklace for a special occasion, Naked Nation has a fine piece just for you.



Telephone UK: +44(0) 330 001 0466

Email: sales@nakednation.co.uk