The Storage of Memories

by Karla Sifontes on Feb 07, 2021

The Storage of Memories

The ability to learn and remember is essential for our survival. Remembering what has happened allows us to predict what is likely to happen and alter our behaviour accordingly.


Sometimes we keep memories that are painful, and it doesn’t allow us to move forward. They can stop us from taking risks and block our willingness of telling someone I love you; I miss you or doing something exciting with our lives.


However, there are so many amazing memories that give us hope, guide us and teach us the way to new paths and adventures.


So, we have the control for picking or filtering our memories. Experiences that we focus on are, of course, more likely to be remembered. Some new experiences become lasting, because they fit well with and can be readily processed and integrated with existing memories.


Francis Bacon (English philosopher) mentioned that memory is assisted by anything that makes an impression on a powerful passion, inspiring fear, for example or wonder, shame or joy. I believe we can pick our own approach for these memories; we can transform a challenging one into a learning experience and an amazing one into a handbook for living a fulfilled life.


Which lasting memories would you like to keep, and which ones would you like to remove?


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