Frustration Went to the Recycling Bin

by Karla Sifontes on Jun 16, 2016

Frustration Went to the Recycling Bin

I was complaining too much about environmental issues (to be honest) and in several occasions accused by my husband in doing so. It didn’t take me to anywhere apart of getting older and gaining some weight for not being moving a finger in order to make that desired change.

This frustration had to be drained and transformed in something useful, at least for me and for the sake of my surroundings but especially my kids' future.😍

I am sharing my frustration and my sustainable products, which, I guess… is healthy! right?

Naked Nation was born in order to get all these sustainable ideas together and create products that minimise negative impacts but at the same time we can look good and feel good.

We're experimenting and getting there making small changes every day! 💪 Sorry we haven't got there yet but we're working so hard to achieve our sustainable goals by reducing packaging, reusing and recycling materials and more.

We're inspired by nature and feeling the nature! 🌿

Enjoy them!


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