Tree of Life, Family Tree Pendant, Handmade Purple Necklace



Ancients Celts called the Tree of Life crann bethadh. They believed it had special powers. Here are some interesting facts about what the Tree of Life symbol means:

  • The Tree of Life represents the balance and harmony in nature.
  • Symbol meant wisdom, strength and a long life
  • The Tree of Life represents rebirth, just as a tree will shed its leaves in the fall, hibernate in the winter, and be “reborn” with new leaves in the spring.
  • The Tree of Life unites the upper and lower worlds. Its roots reach deep into the lower world, while its branches grow up to reach the upper world. The trunk of the Tree of Life connects the two worlds to the earth's plane. It is through this connection that gods in the heavens can communicate with people through the Tree of Life.
  • The Celts believed they came from the trees, and thus regarded trees as living, magical beings. Trees guarded the land and were a doorway into the spirit world.


Necklace length: 45 - 48 cm = 17 - 19 inches

Pendant height: 2.5 cm

Pendant width: 2.5 cm

  • This item’s form was planned for maximum aesthetic quality
  • Your jewel is presented in a beautiful luxurious gift box
  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK

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